Confirmed: Samsung start Android 4.0.4 updates for Galaxy SII

Remember we tweeted about Android 4.0.4 for the Galaxy SII and Galaxy Note…
Today the second firmware with Android 4.0.4 for the Galaxy SII has been released by Samsung officially.
This update is specially for Russia. Make sure you have the latest version of KIES or update your phone by using OTA. (Over the air)
You are also able to download the this rom thought our firmware page as usual

Details about the firmware.
Android: 4.0.4
Build date: July 5
Changelist: 837163

Every Galaxy SII owner will get Android 4.0.4 by the next couple of months.
You will be able to update your device by Samsung KIES or over the air.

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  1. Isn’t Leaked, right?

  2. is this a non wipe rom?

  3. nope not leaked by Samsung KIES.

  4. i hope its not having a brick bug kernel

    I will wait for few success flash reports

  5. NO NEW UI Same TAB7.7




  7. You need tot hink before you post… 1 – 5 % cares about updates.
    You really think 95% of all sgs2 will like a new interface.

  8. @DannyD-> Sorry , IF I Think Hard Post.

  9. I Think This
    1 Touchwiz4 UX – is Look Like from GB
    2 Notification BAR – is Look Like from GB
    3 Music&Video Player – iF You See From S3 and TAB7.7 ,S2 is Not Change From GB
    4 ICON Pack – Look Like GB
    5 Tweek System&Smooth Touchscreen – Bitter Lag
    6 Battery Drain&Hot – iF You Try CM9 and Stock ICS

  10. Sorry for my english. I use now the 4.0.4 in my S2, and is perfect.
    Pda: XXLQ5
    Phone: XXLQ5

  11. it was started officialy with 4.0.4 for 9100 in china …

  12. can i use this to flash my s2 with this firmware…my s2 has indian ICS now…i want to put russian 4.0.4 ICS…Do i need to wipe everything or i can directly upgrade it to russian 4.0.4 using odin??…Is it safe??…i bought my s2 from dubai and now it is had indian ICS 4.0.3…

  13. and also do i need to flash back UAE gingerbread and then flash russian ICS 4.0.4???…Need help

  14. Please be warned do NOT use the .pit file with this package. I recommend using a kernel from a later 4.03 release and choose no repartition when flashing. This is bricking devices. Reports on XDA has climbed to people putting up a partition to have it removed.

    LQ5 Europe un branded is what I have used and is working flawlessly with a rooted non-standard kernel and no repartition. Possibly the smoothest release from Samsung to date.

    See XDA here for what is about to head this way…..

    my response here:

  15. And what Galaxy NOTE? I wanna 4.0.4 too :/

  16. suckkkkks 4.0.4 !!! i i do not understand why it does not bring out anything new!!! it”s like gingerbread and icecream sanwich 4.0.3 !! fucckkk samsung. i do not buy your phones in the future !!!

  17. have you got anything better to choose from ?! :D:D:D

  18. Please update GT-I9100G firmware to 4.0.4 soon, Thanks

  19. when samsung update I9100 to 4.0.4 for Middle East (iran)?

  20. People seem to be really silly on the comments today. @dannyd I hear what your saying just think more people are now interested in updates but a new UI really isn’t going to happen. Im moving on to the nexus next because I want update hopefully Samsung makes a another on in November. Don’t really like the other manufacturers. To everyone else 4.0.4 was never going to be something special but with this update out hopefully we’ll get jelly bean soon.

  21. i was using ics on my s2 but when i find out how many mistakes & problems it has i went back to ginger f**kin bread cuz it has way less mistakes & problems besides they are look just the same…….!!

    with that being said i love my ginger f**kin bread

  22. Samsung Galaxy S2 “possibly no Android 4.1″ discussion going on here:

    Join in and share your thoughts on the matter (don’t over-do it though, harsh language is of no use to anyone).

  23. I can confirm that there is no brick bug in LPM because i made Wipe Data/Factory Reset to my phone AFTER flashing the ROM and there is non a single problem what so ever ;)

  24. Go tell that to the 2 persons that bricked wipping data in stock recovery XWLPM…
    Stop Killing S2 Samsung, shame on you…
    You will not win nothing with this, you will loose clients, thats its for sure…
    Sammobile its better put a nice RED Triangle XWLPM…

  25. Unfortunately you are wrong. This official fw has the same problem as the leaked one. In the russian forum two users had 2 bricks. Posted on XDA.
    I don’t understand what Samsung is up to…

  26. i trully dubt that

  27. how about 4.0.4 for pitiful tab 7.7 wifi owners? ha!!!? i really hate samsuck mobile!! i wont buy any devices from samsuck no more!!

  28. New Official Rom is KILLING MY PHONE
    1 Very HOT
    2 Very Drain Battery

    Please Samsung ,This Rom is Killing My Phone
    I Want Rom Fairly Than Tab 7.7 & Jelly Bean
    Samsung ,If you argue JB For S2 Same S1 to ICS
    This is Joke, You See Different -> Change CPU, Battery,Screen & Design
    Another is conformable -> Mali 400 GPU, 1GB RAM(I9100,I9300), 3G,8MP Camera ,etc…
    Please Samsung , I didn’t Want To See ICS Value Pack But I WANT NEW UI PHONE FOR

  29. ****** I Want Full NEW LOOK PHONE FOR SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 *******

  30. jelly bean pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  31. my battery last less than 1 day even on standby. WTF????

  32. I am english and was wondering if the russian rom would have any affect like language keyboard or networks as examples could some one give me some info would much help

  33. After the upgrade via Kies the camera on my Galaxy Skyrocked doesn’t work. There is only a message “unfortunately the camera has stopped” My phone has stock room and its not rooted.
    Any advice will be welcome. Factory reset doesn’t fix the bug.

  34. east and the west samsung is fuckest…..if they remain same as they are now….they will turned to nokia…and have to accept windows

  35. Ithink is better for GalexySIIupdate to 4.1(Jelly bean)

  36. anyone know if the 4.0.4 version still has some brick bug?

  37. i brought sgs2 from usa & using it in nepal. when i updated sgs2 to ics 4.0.3 in nepal last time through samsung kies, i have found that the ics 4.0.3 was release to trinidad & tobago region.
    how could this be possible.

    other detail are as follows
    PDA: I9100UHLPE
    CSC: I9100UUBLPE

    BuidInfo: Fri Mar 9 13:49:34 KST 2012

    For updating to ics 4.0.4, do i have to wait until the update release to trinidad and tobago region.

    Can anyone help me?

  38. آپدیت های مزخرف با هنگ های طولانی ومصرف برق زید

  39. After upgrade from 4.0.3 to 4.0.4 my GT-i9100 has reset serial number to 00000000000 why ??????

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