Samsung received 9 million pre-orders for Galaxy S III

Where the Samsung Galaxy S got 1 million pre-orders and the Galaxy S II 3 million pre-orders is the next generation a lot bigger and hotter!
Samsung received 9 million pre-orders for Galaxy S III.
The pre-orders are placed by 100 global carriers!

You can buy the Galaxy S III by the end of May begin June.



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  1. you know this phone made me leave my galaxy note and buy it in summer.
    but i don’t know will we see a GN2 in Ifa 2012 with the same featurs and faster and new apps for s-pen and better design.
    Realy I like the new samsung apps in s3 and new lock screen and notificatin and I want to have nfc and S bean and Ics that is note have very new featurs on GN.
    i don’t know will samsung show us new special phone better than s3 or GN2 in end of summer?

  2. waooooo ICS spected ,great smart I have s II but S III is amazing

  3. i have s2 but the battery is not good, i hope s3 will have a good battery

  4. i have s2 and P6800, i do not like the design of s3 but software seems amazing.

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