Tizen, the world’s most popular TV platform, has gained even more traction

Samsung might be giving up on the Tizen platform for wearables, or at the very least the company will reportedly offer one or more smartwatches powered by Google’s WearOS platform later this year. But as far as its smart TV portfolio goes, Samsung has no plans to leave the Tizen platform behind. On the contrary, market watchers believe that Tizen could remain the leading TV streaming platform for years to come.

This is because Samsung’s Tizen platform is too successful to even consider abandoning it. In 2020, Samsung was recognized as the world’s no.1 TV brand for the 15th consecutive year after it captured roughly 31.8% of the global TV market in terms of sales revenue, and all of the company’s smart TVs are powered by Tizen.

In other words, Samsung’s huge global TV market share is keeping Tizen on the map and ensures the platform’s continuous success.

12.7% of all TVs worldwide were powered by Tizen last year

Previous reports have revealed that Samsung’s Tizen platform was powering 11.6% of all TVs in use in 2019. A year later, the company recorded a higher 12.7% share as the number of Tizen-powered TVs in use increased to a total of 162.3 million.

The Tizen platform has grown tremendously over the past five years and it is now leading the smart TV market in terms of market share. It’s followed by LG’s WebOS platform with 7.3% of the market. Interestingly enough, the Sony PlayStation and Amazon Fire OS platforms have each captured 6.4% of the market last year.

As for what’s to come, Samsung has already unveiled its 2021 TV lineup a couple of weeks ago and it’s looking better than ever. microLED technology has gotten more accessible, and the company has introduced a new series of Neo QLED TVs.

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