Telegram 8.2 update makes media library navigation a whole lot easier


Last updated: November 4th, 2021 at 14:22 UTC+01:00

The past few Telegram updates have been largely focused on improving the video call functionality of the app. Telegram 8.2, on the other hand, brings forth plenty of quality-of-life updates, both major and minor, that will make navigation a tad easier. This time around, the update is primarily focused on decluttering your media library. There are interactive emojis, too.

High-speed scrolling and Calendar View for shared media

Anyone using Telegram (or any instant messaging app) for a long time will, more often than not, end up with copious amounts of photos and images that they’ve shared over the years. Revisiting older photos can often be cumbersome and requires a lot of unnecessary scrolling. Telegram 8.2 automatically sorts your library by date in a calendar-like format. That allows you to jump to a specific date and view the media shared at that time.

If you need to go back quite a bit, let’s say, a few years, Telegram 8.2 will let you blaze past your shared media library with high-speed scrolling. All you have to do is pinch down the shared media tab a little and swipe away until you’ve reached your desired timeline. Lastly, one can also filter out unnecessary results by selecting what type of media needs to be displayed, i.e., photos and/or videos.

New Invite Link options

Until now, anyone could join a group/channel by clicking on an invite link, which worked as long as it was valid and not nullified by the group/channel creator. Telegram 8.2 adds a new step to that process by allowing admins to manually approve every join request. One can also preview the profile of potential members to filter out any bad elements. Additionally, admins can also sort their invite links by list, allowing them to track the origin of a user and limit the number of people that can join with the said link.

Some Telegram 8.2 features will be exclusive to iOS for the time being. You can now use the chat themes introduced via an earlier update globally. Most themes are customizable and have a ‘day’ and ‘night’ mode with different colour schemes. Android users will get this functionality via a later update. Lastly, Telegram 8.2 also gets some optimizations tailor-made for iOS 15, mainly centred around notched displays. The ‘Settings’ section gets a fresh coat of paint, too.

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