T-Mobile’s Galaxy S9 unboxing video is literally out of this world

T-Mobile has a habit of posting unorthodox unboxing videos for Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S handsets every year and it has come through this year as well. We saw the company unbox the Galaxy S8 under water last year with its product expert @AskDes in a cage surrounded by sharks.

The Galaxy S9 unboxing video is literally out of this world as the company has sent @AskDes to the “moon” in order to unbox Samsung’s new flagship and even share some camera samples with us.

Galaxy S9 unboxing video

In case the premise wasn’t already clear to you, T-Mobile hasn’t really sent anyone to the real moon, it’s just part of a clever marketing ploy from the carrier every year to showcase Samsung’s new flagship device while also promoting its brand.

So Des is on the moon with the new flagships and this Galaxy S9 unboxing video shows precisely what’s going to ship with the handset inside its retail packaging. He also walks us through some of the core functionality of the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+ in this video.

This Galaxy S9 unboxing video itself is mildly amusing but it does offer you a glimpse inside the new flagship’s box. It’s going to be a while before proper unboxing videos of the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+ so this is your best bet for you to get a look inside the retail box.


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