Samsung will unveil a cool and powerful soundbar at CES 2018

Samsung today announced that it’s going to unveil a wall-mountable lifestyle soundbar at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 next month. The NW700 Soundbar Sound+ looks really cool when mounted on the wall. It’s packed with powerful audio features which include a built-in woofer that was developed at the Samsung Audio Lab.

The NW700 Soundbar Sound+ succeeds the award-winning MS650 Sound+ model and will now be the flagship premium lifestyle soundbar in Samsung’s lineup.

Raising the bar

The wall-mountable NW700 Soundbar Sound+ comes with many sound-enhancing features like multi-speaker control, distortion-canceling and wide-range tweeters. The distortion-canceling technology works by predicting distortion at the end of the speaker movement and then making the required adjustments before the distortion takes place.

All of the technologies were developed at the Samsung Audio Lab in Valencia, California. The soundbar has a slim and sleek design that’s optimized for wall mounting underneath Samsung’s TVs. It’s 53.5mm wide and is 41 percent narrower than the previous model.

The body has a built-in woofer which eliminates the need for an external subwoofer. This contributes to a clean design for a home entertainment space.

There are three sound modes – Standard Mode, Surround Mode and Smart Mode. The Surround Mode is used to expand surround sound performance while Smart Mode adjusts volume and surround sound effects automatically.

Samsung will showcase the NW700 Soundbar Sound+ at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 next month. Pricing and availability information will be revealed later.


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