Samsung UK and Cat Meffan bring virtual yoga sessions to you for free

Many Brits that are staying at home are now challenging themselves to remain active and motivated. Research commissioned by Samsung UK reveals that roughly a third of people living in the UK are now becoming more involved in fitness and their wellness, with 29% developing an interest in mindful activities such as yoga.

To help Brits explore their new hobby, Samsung UK has partnered with wellness enthusiast Cat Meffan to create virtual yoga sessions that are available online for anyone who wants to remain active, healthy, and distracted from the outside world, even for a half an hour.

Movement and Mindfulness, Session 1 of 3 is now live

Hosted on Samsung KX (Kings Cross) website (via YouTube, as seen below), Cat Meffan’s Session 1 of the new Movement and Mindfulness series takes you through a short introduction of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Galaxy S20 Ultra, and how they can improve your fitness routines. The rest of the video then becomes a ~30-minute virtual yoga experience for beginners, so if you don’t have any prior experience with yoga, this might be the best place for you to start.

Samsung UK and Cat Meffan will publish two additional virtual yoga sessions by the end of this series. Sessions 2 and 3 should be coming soon but no exact dates have been revealed for when they’ll be going live.

Have you experienced a shift in your lifestyle over the past few months? Are you more active and mindful than you used to be? Do you plan on adding Samsung UK and Cat Meffan’s new virtual yoga series to your fitness repertoire? Check the video below and let us know.

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