Samsung TV Plus gets access to sports culture videos from PlayersTV in the US

Samsung has announced that its free smart TV video service, which offers access to over 100 channels, is getting new video content related to sports culture and lifestyle. Videos from PlayersTV will now be available on Samsung TV Plus in the US.

PlayersTV will be exclusively available through Samsung TV Plus. It offers videos that can be considered as an intersection of sports, culture, and lifestyle. Samsung smart TV users in the US can watch PlayersTV on channel 1003, and the content includes comedy videos, documentaries, reality shows, and podcasts, offering insights into athletes’ interests, passions, and the off-screen part of their lives. The channel was introduced during the NBA All-Star Weekend event last month.

PlayersTV has partnerships with a lot of known athletes, across all major sports leagues. It includes content from Chris Paul, Vernon Davis, CJ McCollum, Baron Davis, and Carmelo Anthony. Some notable content that’s currently available on the channel consists of WTF Baron DavisMost Valuable Partner, and Mindful Life with DeAndre Jordan.

Samsung TV Plus is a free service that comes pre-installed on the company’s smart TVs released in 2016 or later. Except for an internet connection, users don’t need to pay for anything else or to download additional apps on their TVs. It brings business content from CBSN, sports content from La Liga, and music videos from Vevo.

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