Samsung explains how it brought Super Slow-Mo on the Galaxy S9 ‘to life’

When the Galaxy Note 8 came out with the first dual camera setup for a Samsung flagship, the company’s marketing was all about the features the dual camera enabled, such as 2x zoom and Live Focus photos. Many had looked forward to these features coming to the Galaxy S lineup with the Galaxy S9, but whether because the regular S9 only has a single camera or if Samsung just likes the Super Slow-Mo feature better, the company has focused all of its advertising on Super Slow-Mo and let the benefits of the dual camera recede into the background. And, it looks like there’s a reason the 960 fps slow-motion video capability of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ gets all the attention.

It’s all about the right image sensor

What is that reason? Well, apparently the amount of hard work Samsung put into creating the necessary image sensor to make Super Slow-Mo possible. Samsung has put up a new post on the Samsung Newsroom talking about how its engineers went about building the feature and the necessary hardware, though it doesn’t exactly say more than what we already heard the company reveal on-stage during the Galaxy S9’s announcement. The main theme running through the post is that Samsung’s engineers had to work on creating an image sensor that’s four times faster than conventional sensors, with the sensor supported by a dedicated memory chip for quickly processing super slow-mo videos.

Of course, Samsung isn’t the first to offer such a feature on its smartphones. That was Sony, though Samsung can certainly be proud of introducing the ability for the camera to automatically record slow-motion videos when the sensor detects movement. It doesn’t work well all the time, and indoor and poor lighting conditions are a big challenge for the Galaxy S9’s Super Slow-Mo feature, but it makes for some amazing slow-motion videos when it does work. And we can expect to see improvements with the Galaxy Note 9 (or at least the Galaxy S10), improvements that will hopefully let the camera record these videos in Full HD to offer sharper detail than they do right now at 720p resolution.

Hit the source link to check out Samsung’s post, and let us know what you think of Super Slow-Mo on your Galaxy S9. Don’t own the Galaxy S9? Take a look at a few super slow-motion videos recorded on the phone and also check out our full review.


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Since the S6 came out, year after year I was hoping for a FHD slow motion video. Only just got it now despite it being available on other handsets for years. I like to think they’ll bring FHD Super Slow motion to the Note9 (they have to improve on SOMETHING for the Note) but I remain sceptical.


I’d like to hear Samsung explain why they have Super Slow-Mo updates and security patches.