Samsung and SKT might release Galaxy A71 5G / A Quantum on May 15

SK Telecom’s exclusive Galaxy A71 5G variant will reportedly be released on May 15, according to the Korean media. In addition, the device – which may launch on SKT’s network as the Galaxy A Quantum – will be available for 600,000 won ($494) as opposed to the price of 700,000 won ($576) that was previously (and unofficially) attached to the device.

Just in time to steal the LG Velvet’s thunder

In case you didn’t know, LG took the veil of a new 5G upper-mid-range phone not long ago. It’s called the LG Velvet, and it will go on sale in South Korea on May 15. Now, according to the local media, SK Telecom’s Galaxy A71 5G / Galaxy A Quantum is planned for release on the same day, and if this turns out to be correct, it’s certainly no coincidence.

One of the impressive characteristics the so-called Galaxy A Quantum has and the LG Velvet lacks is a quantum RNG chip capable of generating truly random and unpredictable numbers. This is a great advancement in security, and the Galaxy A Quantum from SKT is the first and only phone in the world to boast this feature. Even the Galaxy A71 5G in other markets is missing it, and that’s because the QRNG chip was seemingly developed by a close SKT partner.

The standard Galaxy A71 5G sans the QRNG chip is expected to launch in the USA this summer.

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