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Samsung’s outdoor TV The Terrace brings everyone out in the yard


Last updated: April 13th, 2022 at 17:05 UTC+02:00

Spring is here, the sun is shining, and everything’s blooming, so it’s the perfect time to fire up the barbeque and spend more time with friends and family out in the yard. If only you could bring your entertainment and TV with you…

Well, now you can. There’s a reason why Samsung is the world’s largest TV brand. The company is developing a wide variety of TV models for different use cases, and The Terrace is the company’s TV series that was designed for use outdoors.

Normally you wouldn’t want to use a regular TV outside the house, for a few good reasons. TV cases and displays aren’t usually made from materials that can withstand direct exposure to the elements. And low display brightness becomes a real issue when using an indoor TV outside.

Samsung, however, took on the challenge of creating a consumer TV for the outdoors and unveiled the first model under “The Terrace” brand in 2020. Today, customers can choose between a handful of different models available at varying prices. Here’s what you need to know if you want to make The Terrace your outdoor entertainment centerpiece.

There are two main Terrace models, each available in different sizes

If you’re thinking of buying Samsung’s outdoor TV, the first thing you need to be aware of is that the company is selling two main variants of The Terrace. They’re called “Partial Sun” and “Full Sun.”

Both models have an IP55 dust and water resistance rating, meaning they can withstand low-pressure water splashes from any angle.

The main difference between the Full Sun and Partial Sun models is that the former can be used in direct sunlight, whereas the latter cannot.

In addition, The Partial Sun variant is available with a 55-inch, 65-inch, or 75-inch QLED 4K display, whereas the Full Sun model comes only with a 65-inch or 75-inch QLED 4K panel.

Partial Sun and Full Sun variants have different brightness levels, but not how you’d think

Another detail to keep in mind when buying The Terrace is that the Partial Sun and Full Sun models have different peak brightness levels. And oddly enough, they defy expectations, as the Partial Sun variant claims to be brighter.

According to the official description for The Terrace at Samsung USA’s e-shop, the Partial Sun variant can reach 2,000+ nits of brightness. Meanwhile, the Full Sun variant — the one that you can actually use in direct sunlight — tops out at around 1,500+ nits.

Either way, both variants should be bright enough to offer a comfortable viewing experience in most lighting conditions. Not only can they reach a high luminosity, but they also benefit from anti-glare panels.

Samsung has created a water-resistant soundbar for The Terrace

A soundbar is almost an essential accessory for a smart TV nowadays, as the quality of onboard speakers of virtually every TV on the market is questionable. On-board speakers are passable, but they’re far from offering the optimal entertainment experience.

Thankfully, Samsung has developed a dust and water-resistant soundbar with an IP55 rating specifically for The Terrace.

Unsurprisingly, it’s called “The Terrace Outdoor Soundbar.” It has three channels with a built-in 210W subwoofer, and more importantly, Samsung optimized its sound for the outdoors.

Other features include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth streaming via SmartThings, and it supports Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.

The Terrace can be a hefty investment

For all the great features The Terrace has, it can cost a pretty penny. The power to keep your TV outside, especially in direct sunlight, will set you back anywhere between $3,499 and $12,999 or more.

The Terrace Partial Sun starts at $3,499 (55-inch). The 65-inch and 75-inch variants are available at Samsung USA for $4,999 and $6,499, respectively.

Meanwhile, The Terrace Full Sun with a 65-inch panel costs $9,999, whereas the 75-inch variant is available for $12,999. Thanks to an ongoing deal, the 75-inch The Terrace costs the same as the smaller 65-inch variant as of this writing. Check the links below for more details at Samsung’s e-shop.

As for The Terrace Outdoor Soundbar, it’s available for $1,199, but you can buy it in four installments of $300 each.

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