Samsung launches world’s first 3D Cinema LED screen

Samsung makes all kinds of displays, including theatre screens called Cinema LED. Samsung’s Cinema LED screens have been gradually making their way to various markets around the world. At ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) 2018, the largest commercial display exhibition in Europe, Samsung has formally launched a 3D version of the Cinema LED Screen.

Samsung Cinema LED screens offer many advantages compared to the existing film projectors in theatres in terms of picture quality. Samsung is building on these strengths by launching a 3D version of its Cinema LED screen. Considering many big-budget Hollywood movies are made in 3D, these screens should be appealing to theatre owners in many parts of the world.

Incorporates 3D technology without sacrificing brightness and resolution

According to Samsung, wearing 3D glasses over existing 3D cinema screens result in brightness dropping to one-third level compared to 2D films and resolution being halved. Samsung says they have made the 3D Cinema LED screen to overcome some of these limitations. The company claims to have incorporated the 3D technology into the Cinema LED screen without compromising on brightness and resolution.

Dizziness is one of the common complaints associated with watching 3D movies. Samsung claims its 3D Cinema LED screen significantly reduces dizziness by retaining brightness level and eliminating many of the display-related factors triggering it. None of this 3D magic comes at the expense of screen quality either. The 3D Cinema LED screen has the same viewing angle as the regular Cinema LED variant. This allows viewers, no matter where they are seated, to enjoy the film with less distortion.

Whether all these are just PR claims, or a reality will be known only viewers get a chance to see the screen in action. While the regular Cinema LED Screen is gradually being adopted by theaters in several markets, it may be a while before some of them opt for the 3D version of this product.

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