Samsung launches Samsung Pay Web Checkout in Russia

Samsung and Sberbank have launched Samsung Pay Web Checkout in Russia. It is a new payment option which aims to make online purchases on any device simpler by using Samsung Pay.

On supported websites and apps, Samsung Pay Web Checkout eliminates the need to enter card details. A buyer can just enter the email address linked to his/her Samsung Account (the same email address is used by Samsung Pay as well) on Sberbank’s online payment page. This triggers a notification on the corresponding Samsung Pay enabled smartphone requesting payment. The buyer can then choose any of the cards linked to his/her Samsung Pay and authenticate the transaction with the help of a fingerprint or PIN.

Works in any browser on any device

According to the press release, Samsung Pay Web Checkout will not require any additional integration if the seller already accepts payments through Sberbank’s online payment page. Sberbank has been an enthusiastic supporter of Samsung Pay. It was the first bank to support Samsung Pay when it was launched in Russia in September 2016.

Since Samsung Pay Web Checkout is not dependant on online stores integrating Samsung Pay, it should help in faster adoption of the service. Samsung says the service is available in any browser on any device as long as you have a Samsung Pay enabled device to make the payment.

In the US, Samsung partnered with MasterCard to facilitate web payments through Samsung Pay. Under the partnership, buyers can pay through Samsung Pay on any site or app which accepts Masterpass.

While Samsung’s exclusive MST technology gives Samsung Pay an edge at millions of Point of Sale (POS) locations around the world, online payments require buy-in from many partners such as online stores, banks, Credit Card companies, payment wallets etc. Samsung’s efforts in this space will help Samsung Pay acquire widespread adoption for online payments.

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OMG Samsung f””” plz can you launch Pay in France ??
Last news was for september !!