Samsung’s new TV channel counts down to upcoming Breaking Bad movie

Getting impatient waiting for the upcoming Breaking Bad movie? Have a Samsung Smart TV at home? If you said yes to both those questions, then Samsung understands your plight and has launched a custom TV channel for its Samsung TV Plus service that counts down to the debut of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie on Netflix on October 11. Samsung will hold a special viewing party for the movie at the Samsung 837 store in New York City at 7 PM EST.

While the TV channel will only count down the time left for the movie’s digital release on Netflix, Samsung’s 837 store will not only let people watch El Camino together but also have special “photo installations inspired by the movie’s set pieces including a replica El Camino car” that they can explore. All this hullabaloo about the Breaking Bad movie is part of the Korean giant’s campaign to “bring several of Netflix’s biggest future premieres home with Samsung TVs”, although it’s unclear what exactly the offering here is as all Netflix TV shows and movies are available for viewing worldwide on all platforms at the same time.

El Camino is written and directed by the critically acclaimed show’s creator and serves somewhat as a sequel, as the plot will follow the aftermath of Breaking Bad’s final season and show what Jesse Pinkman, one of Breaking Bad’s most endearing characters, is up to following the series finale, which ended with with Pinkman driving off in a stolen Chevrolet El Camino. Netflix’s official synopsis doesn’t give away a whole lot, and that’s probably a good way to get anyone who’s seen and loves Breaking Bad more excited about the upcoming sequel-cum-spin-off movie. And Samsung is lending a helping hand.

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