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Samsung to be investigated by USITC over possible patent infringement


Last updated: March 17th, 2020 at 10:42 UTC+02:00

The US International Trade Commission is opening a probe into some of the biggest tech companies on the planet and Samsung is also on the list. The commission voted to start an investigation into certain capacitive touch-controlled devices and components.

It has started this investigation based on a complaint from Neodron, an Ireland-based company that alleges infringement of touchscreen-related patents by top technology companies which includes Samsung.

Neodron has a history of going after tech companies for patent infringement. In this particular complaint, it wants the USITC to issue limited exclusion and cease and desist orders against the companies named in the complaint. Aside from Samsung, it has named Apple, Amazon, ASUS, LG, Sony and Microsoft as respondents.

The mere start of an investigation doesn’t say anything about the merits of the case, something that the USITC also points out in its press release. The case is going to be assigned to one of the commission’s administrative law judges who will hold an evidentiary hearing to make an initial determination. Within 45 days of the investigation beginning, the USITC will then set a target date for completing it.

Samsung has not yet commented on the matter but it goes without saying that the company will likely contest the alleged infringement of Neodron’s touchscreen-related patents.

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