Samsung highlights Galaxy S9 cases in new promotional video

Your brand new, shiny, slippery Galaxy S9 is in. So, what’s the next step one might ask? Slap a case on it, ASAP, or pick up one of the best Galaxy S9 screen protectors available right now. I’m sure everyone from across the globe, iPhone and Samsung users alike can admire the award-winning design of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. I’m also sure what everyone cannot admire is a broken Galaxy S9. These devices have magnificent designs, but at the end of the day we are talking about a glass sandwich, here. Glass is glass. One awkward fall will do the trick with thicker glass and stronger aluminum or not. Check out this drop test, and see with your own eyes.

Samsung promotes its official Galaxy S9 cases

Samsung has released an ad highlighting the functionality of some their cases for the Galaxy S9 duo. The ad specifically addressed the functionality and usability of the LED View Cover and Hyperknit cases, which are two of the six total official cases from Samsung. The focus was whether you’re out and about or at home, the cases’ abilities improve your lifestyle.

The LED View Cover user experience includes 54 preloaded icons and an additional 60 icons that the user can create. The cases also include a sleeve for one credit card. This year, the LED View Cover case seems to be much more protective with the cover actually conforming to the shape of the screen, whereas in prior years it was just a flat cover.

The Hyperknit case was displayed in multiple environments but first showed up at the gym. That is because the Hyperknit material is something mostly seen in athletic attire or footwear. Nonetheless, this case is extremely lightweight and looks great no matter the environment.

My personal preference is the Silicone case. Let us know whether you picked up the LED View Cover, Hyperknit, Rugged Protective Cover, S-View Flip Cover, Silicone, or Alcantara case for your Galaxy S9!

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