Samsung Galaxy Buds+ earbuds may feature active noise cancellation

Samsung is expected to launch new wireless earbuds alongside the Galaxy S11. That’s because the Galaxy Buds were launched with the Galaxy S10 in February this year. So the expectation is that there will be new earbuds with the Galaxy S11.

We are aware that Samsung has new earbuds in development under model number SM-R175. A new hint about the device suggests that Samsung will call it the Galaxy Buds+. There’s also a possibility of active noise cancellation being onboard.

Galaxy Buds+ may be what Samsung calls its wireless new earbuds

There is little information available about Samsung’s new wireless earbuds at this point in time. We do know that they’re being developed with 8GB of onboard storage. That’s the same as the original. The available color options will include white, silver, black and yellow.

Noted leakster @evleaks dropped a hint on his Twitter today. “First came the AirPods Pro… then came the Galaxy Buds+,” it reads. There are two conclusions that can be drawn from this tweet. The obvious one is that Samsung’s new wireless earbuds might be called the Galaxy Buds+ and not the Galaxy Buds 2.

The second is that they may feature active noise cancellation (ANC). That’s because ANC is one of the primary new features of Apple’s earbuds. So Samsung might add that to the Galaxy Buds+ as well in order to differentiate it from the Galaxy Buds. It may also make subtle design changes for a more comfortable fit.

We mentioned in our Galaxy Buds review that the device offers good value for money. It remains to be seen if the addition of ANC is going to drive the price up significantly from the $129.99 price tag of the original. That may not concern most people who end up pre-ordering a Galaxy S11. If history repeats itself, Samsung will be offering a pair of the Galaxy Buds+ to everyone who pre-orders its upcoming flagship.

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