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Samsung explains why the ViewFinity S8 is the first glare-free monitor


Last updated: July 6th, 2022 at 15:27 UTC+02:00

Samsung dubbed its ViewFinity S8 a monitor made for professionals and content creators. At launch, the company called the ViewFinity S8 the “world’s first Glare Free monitor,” boasting UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certifications. And today, Samsung went into more detail as to how its pro-grade monitor achieved this status.

According to the tech giant, the ViewFinity S8 obtained its “Glare Free” label thanks to its matte display that meets the UL verification standard in three categories: Disability Glare, Discomfort Glare, and Reflection Glare.

Indeed, different types of glare can affect a user’s viewing experience in various ways, and Samsung went the extra mile to ensure that the ViewFinity S8 minimizes glare across the board.

Samsung ViewFinity S8 and glare types

Disability Glare refers to a reduction of visual acuity that occurs when a bright light on a dark background shines directly toward the viewer. An example of Disability Glare is a vehicle driving on the other side of the road with long beams on at night.

Discomfort Glare is generated by external light sources and can lead to discomfort or eye fatigue. A strong stadium light that turns on suddenly during a match can generate Discomfort Glare.

And last but not least, Reflection Glare occurs when a light source shines and reflects off the surface of a monitor.

Thanks to its matte panel, Samsung’s ViewFinity S8 monitor met UL’s standards across all three glare types and received its sought-after certificates.

Of course, there are other design elements that turn the Samsung ViewFinity S8 into a pro-grade device for content creators. The stand is one of them, as it offers height adjustment and can also be pivoted, tilted, or swiveled.

Samsung previously announced that the ViewFinity S8 monitor is planned for release at the end of June, with availability varying by market. The monitor is showcased on Samsung’s Display Solutions website next to an inquiry to buy, but exact availability and pricing details are missing as of this writing.

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