Samsung and Verizon 5G demonstration hits speeds of 4.2 Gbps

Already a leader in the 5G network technology space, Samsung joined Verizon, Qualcomm Technologies and Motorola Mobility for a demonstration of 5G peak speeds in the United States. Peak speeds of up to 4.2 gigabits per second were hit during the demonstration.

This was made possible using carrier aggregation, it’s a technology that combines multiple spectrum channels to increase efficiency for data sessions over wireless networks, thus allowing for greater speed.

Samsung and all of the other companies that participated in this demonstration combined eight separate channels of mmWave spectrum to achieve speeds of 4.2 Gbps on an upcoming Motorola smartphone.

This demonstration was conducted at a cell site in Texas where 800 MHz of 28 GHz band spectrum was aggregated through Samsung’s 5G NR 28 Ghz access unit. Verizon added that it has commercially deployed this 5G network solution from Samsung.

“Using 5G carrier aggregation, we are able to achieve unprecedented mobile speeds and bring the massive bandwidth available with mmWave spectrum to life,” explained Adam Koeppe, Verizon’s SVP of technology planning. This wasn’t just a proof of concept. Verizon is going to make eight channel carrier aggregation widely available on its 5G network this year.

“This trial also shows the power of the Samsung Networks’ 5G NR 28GHz Access Unit, the smallest integrated mmWave radio in the market,” said Magnus Ojert, a VP at Samsung Electronics America’s Networks Division.

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