Samsung working on 8TB 870 QVO SSD, lists it on Amazon prematurely

Samsung appears to have developed a new consumer-grade high-capacity SSD called the 870 QVO. The unannounced product had briefly popped up on Amazon where Tom’s Hardware was able to gather a bit of information before it got pulled.

According to the now-removed listings, the Samsung SSD 870 QVO should have at least two storage options of 1TB and a whopping 8TB. Additional options for 2TB and 4TB could also be in development but there’s no evidence for this yet. The SSD 870 QVO appears to have an U.2 form factor.

How much do 8TB of Samsung SSD storage cost?

Samsung’s unannounced 870 QVO SSDs were listed on Amazon along with prices and expected shipping dates. Assuming that they remain unchanged, Samsung will release the 1TB 870 QVO for $130 from June 30. Meanwhile, the 8TB 870 QVO should cost $900 and ship to customers from August 24.

These prices are not surprising at all given that the existing 860 QVO SSD with 1TB and 4TB of storage cost $130 and $480, respectively. The 8TB 870 QVO SSD should offer a bit more value/storage for money compared to two 4TB 860 QVO SSDs put together.

Other specs are unknown, but the 870 QVO SSD is seemingly a direct sequel to the 860 QVO so it will likely use the same QLC (quad level cell) 3D V-NAND technology. Presumably it will achieve similar 520MB/550MB sequential write/read speeds, but nothing is set in stone.

It’s unclear when Samsung will make this new SSD official but we should find out more soon, assuming that the Jun 30 and August 24 tentative shipping dates stick.

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