Samsung’s 2020 TVs could leverage AI to set new audio quality standards

A glimpse of Samsung’s upcoming TV lineup may have been given by a handful of new trademark applications for Samsung Symphony, Q-Symphony, and Samsung Symphony TV. They indicate that the company’s next year TV series which is set to make an appearance at CES 2020 will place great importance on audio quality and will leverage AI to deliver a personalized audio experience.

Samsung’s next TVs to set new standards for audio quality

According to an ETNews report, Samsung’s upcoming TVs will be able to use their own internal speakers in conjunction with a soundbar. Normally, you could have one or the other but never use both sound sources simultaneously.

This could change as upcoming TVs based on Samsung Symphony TV technology – or however this alleged new feature will be named – will be capable of analyzing your audio setup and determine, through AI, which of the TVs internal speakers should be enabled along with your existing soundbar to give you the best possible audio experience.

Think of it as a way for your TV’s internal speakers to help your soundbar reach frequency ranges it would otherwise be incapable of reaching. Samsung’s future TVs will reportedly come with three of these internal speakers, each covering different frequency ranges. The system will be powered by AI, which is unsurprising given the recent news about Samsung preparing to apply deep-learning AI solutions to its CES 2020 TV lineup. Deep-learning solutions generally allow for better image processing as well as better sound recognition.

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