[Poll] Would you even care if Samsung removed chargers from the box?

Samsung didn’t waste any time in pulling Apple’s leg when the latter announced that its new iPhones won’t ship with a charger and earphones in the box. A new report suggests that it may be thinking about doing the same thing.

Korean media is of the view that the Galaxy S21 series may not include either accessory in the box. Even if the charger is retained, they fully expect Samsung to ditch the earphones. We may have seen a trailer for that with the Galaxy Note 20 series in the US. Samsung doesn’t ship earphones with its new flagship in the US but does give users one for free if they ask customer support.

Apple put an environmental spin on its decision but that’s a bit too convenient. This will obviously increase the company’s margins on the product and also spur sales of chargers and wireless earbuds. Samsung wouldn’t want to leave that extra money on the table as well.

How would you feel about it, though? Are you fine with not getting chargers and earphones as long as Samsung’s flagships get a noticeable price cut? Or if environmental benefits are tangible enough? Would you just not care either way? Vote below and share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment.

Would you even care if Samsung removed chargers from the box?
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