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High refresh rate displays: How essential are they for you?


Last updated: June 23rd, 2021 at 16:59 UTC+02:00

High refresh rate displays are all the rage these days. They're seen on smartphones across all price points, with Samsung bringing 90Hz displays to devices costing as low as $140 and putting 120Hz screens on all of its flagships. A high refresh rate enables extremely smooth animations and scrolling across the user interface and enhances the gaming experience. It's especially good for budget and mid-range phones as it makes them feel faster than they would with a standard 60Hz refresh rate.

As more and more Galaxy devices come out with high refresh rate panels, there will be a time when they become the new normal. But, here's what we're wondering: How interested are you in that happening? Do you think high refresh rate displays are an important feature for phones, or do you think they are overrated? Should Samsung be putting a 90Hz or 120Hz screen on every phone possible, or would you prefer the company leave it out on some devices to make sure those are priced right instead of sacrificing other features that you consider to be more essential?

We really want to know, so go ahead and vote in the poll below and take to the comments section to tell us your thoughts on the matter.

How important are high refresh rate displays for you?