Home Up update adds new Task Changer layouts and a split screen button

Several Good Lock modules have lagged behind One UI 3 before they got updated, and when they did, certain modules were changed drastically. As you might recall, Task Changer became a part of the Home Up module earlier this year, though certain features were left out in the transition. A few of those missing features are now making their way back thanks to a new update to Home Up.

Specifically, Task Changer had lost a few layout types when it was merged with Home Up, but now the latest Home Up version introduces two additional layout types as well as a couple of new options for the existing layouts.

In addition to the List, Grid, and Stack layouts, Home Up now offers a Vertical List and a Slim List layout. They both come with a new Circular List toggle that visually-changes the way apps scroll up and down on the recent apps screen.

Existing layout types get a new Mini mode

The latest update to Home Up has also introduced a new Mini mode for the existing List, Grid, and Stack layout types. When enabled, Mini mode decreases the size of app previews inside recent apps, making one-handed operation easier.

New quick shortcut for Split Screen added

Last but not least, the new update to Home Up has added a quick launch button for split screen inside the recent apps screen. Tapping the new icon will send the first app to the upper-half of the screen in split screen mode and give you a list of apps for the lower-half of the display.

You’ll need Home Up version to have access to these new features, though keep in mind that the module requires Good Lock to work. Unfortunately, Good Lock has remained region-locked, so it might not be available in your region.

SamMobile readers can download the latest version of Home Up from our APK section.

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