Galaxy Tab S5e and more Galaxy A phones now support ARCore

The Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50 were certified with ARCore support by Google a few months back. Now the tech giant is expanding the list of supported Samsung devices with the addition of the Galaxy A40, A60, A70, and the Galaxy Tab S5e. The Galaxy A80 has also been added to the list, even though the smartphone only recently became available for pre-order and isn’t out just yet. But it’s good to know that once released, it should support ARCore out of the box.

Adding ARCore support means that all of the aforementioned Galaxy devices should now be compatible with Augmented Reality-based applications that rely on the ARCore API. This includes Google’s own Playground (previously known as AR Stickers), which adds a new camera mode that allows users to drop AR characters called Playmoji into the viewfinder. There’s also Google’s Measure app, which works similarly to Samsung’s Quick Measure. With it, you can measure the length and height of objects in the real world using the device’s camera.

The end result may not be entirely accurate and it depends on each device’s cameras, but it’s worth noting that Google tests the camera capabilities of each device before giving it the ARCore certification.

Users will first need to install the ARCore application itself from the Play Store, in order to be able and use first and third-party Augmented Reality apps that rely on it.

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