Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ support video recording in HEVC format

The newly announced Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ bring many new camera features to the table. The devices sport a Super Speed Dual Pixel sensor, dual aperture lens, Super Slow-mo video capabilities, and AR-powered emoji; the Galaxy S9+ also gets dual cameras like the Galaxy Note 8.

Along with these headline features announced on the stage, the Galaxy S9 duo also bring many small new features that were not mentioned during the unveiling. One such minor camera option is the ability to record videos in HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) format, also known as H.265. It’s a new video compression standard which can compress videos twice as efficiently as the H.264/AVC format used by default.

Optional but helps in saving space

The S9 and S9+ allow users to toggle a switch in the video recording settings and record videos in the HEVC format. While recording videos in this format can theoretically save up to 50 percent space compared to H.264 videos, HEVC-coded videos cannot be played everywhere. The new option should be particularly handy for users who record 4K videos regularly as those eat up a lot of storage space.

With the iOS 11 update, Apple enabled HEVC recording in iPhone 7 and later models. Now, its main rival Samsung is also joining the party in supporting the format.


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Since Apple supports the HEVC, it will now be widely supported so perfect timing by Samsung.

Hans Wiriya
Hans Wiriya

alrite great job Sam. Now where is my Oreo???


Nice one! 😂