Galaxy S8 inadvertent screen wakeup leading to battery drain

The Galaxy S8 is experiencing inadvertent screen wakeup which in turn is leading to battery drain. Numerous users from the official Samsung community, as well as Reddit have posted videos including a detailed description of exactly what it going on. At first the issue seemed to only affect the Galaxy S8 and S8+, but there have been a few cases of the issue plaguing Note 8 users, as well.

Inadvertent screen wake up draining battery

The issue seems to arise once a user has turned the screen off like normal via the power button or screen timeout. At that point, the screen turns back on showing the lock screen; it stays lit for about 10 seconds or so, and repeats the process. As you can imagine, this constantly happening throughout the day, will definitely lead to significant battery drain. Using the flip cover case that Samsung makes does not make a difference, the screen is still waking up with the flip cover closed.

Users have claimed to factory reset the device, reboot in safe mode, and wipe the cache partition hoping to resolve the issue, but to no avail; the issue persists.

It might be because of Bixby or because of something else entirely. It’s not known for sure at this point in time and the fact that Samsung has yet to acknowledge the situation doesn’t help. Needless to say, the screen is only turning on to the lock screen and not unlocking the device.

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