Galaxy S20+ and S20 Ultra get performance improving update on Verizon

Samsung is shipping Galaxy S20 orders early in the US, and it seems carriers in the country are making sure their customers have the best experience even if they get their device earlier than the general release date. Verizon has released a software update for the Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra that improves performance on the two phones.

It’s not clear if this update also brings the camera improvements that the Galaxy S20 Ultra received in South Korea a few days back. However, even general performance improvements are welcome. We’ve noticed that audio from apps like YouTube and Amazon Prime Video when viewed in picture-in-picture mode tends to stutter/skip on our Galaxy S20+ when we open other apps at the same time, and we hope that is something Samsung will fix with updates before these handsets become available for purchase from retail stores.

The Galaxy S20+ and S20 Ultra also get the March security patch in the update that Verizon is rolling out. The Galaxy S20 isn’t getting the update because, well, Verizon isn’t selling the device just yet owing to its limited support for 5G networks. The update will be waiting for you when you get the S20+ or S20 Ultra and check for it from the Software update menu of the phone’s Settings app, and it will also be available from our firmware archive in due course.

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