Galaxy Note 10+ 5G priced at $1299 in the US, € 1199 in Germany

For once, it seems those in Europe may have a pricing advantage over folks in the US as far as Samsung’s latest flagship is concerned. Well, at least the 5G model: The Galaxy Note 10+ 5G has been priced at € 1199 in Germany and at $1299 in the US, where it’s going to be exclusive to Verizon for some time. Over in the UK, the device can be pre-ordered for £1,099. Those are prices for the 256GB storage variant – an additional hundred bucks will get customers the variant with 512GB of storage.

Unlike the Galaxy S10 5G, the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G doesn’t have any hardware differences from the regular Galaxy Note 10+, other than the fact that it has only a single SIM slot. Everything from a microSD slot to the screen and battery size remains the same; yes, the headphone jack isn’t available, either, although even the Galaxy S10 5G didn’t get one despite it being present on the LTE Galaxy S10s. A comparison of the Note 10+ 5G’s specs with those of the Galaxy S10 5G can be seen here, for those interested in checking out the differences.

Launches August 23 along with LTE model

The Note 10+ 5G will be sold in the Aura Black, Aura White, and the Aura Glow color options, although not every color will be available in every market. It also remains to be seen how the device will be priced in European markets other than Germany. We can expect the same price tag everywhere, but we will need official pricing information to be sure. The 5G model will go on sale alongside the LTE version of the Galaxy Note 10+ on August 23. As for the Galaxy Note 10 5G, it will only be available in South Korea.

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