First Galaxy Buds+ firmware update rolls out with stability improvements

Samsung has begun rolling out the first firmware update for the new Galaxy Buds+. It weighs only 1.21MB and carries software version R175XXU0ATB5. The changelog is sparse but mentions ‘improved system stability and reliability’ which is always welcomed.

Interestingly, while Samsung is spreading the update over-the-air, the company also took to the Samsung Community website in South Korea to discuss some aspects that go by unmentioned in the changelog. Specifically, the official blog post suggests that a white noise issue may have also been addressed with this latest update.

We haven’t found any white noise issues with the Galaxy Buds+ throughout our review, and we haven’t run into anyone else who may have experienced this problem, so perhaps it is limited only to some units or regions, like South Korea. And if it doesn’t affect units shipped to other countries like Germany where we’ve received the update so far, that would explain why there’s no info in the changelog.

Whatever the case may be, if you happen to own the new Galaxy Buds+, you can now benefit from improved stability and reliability, so you might want to grab the new firmware update as soon as possible. You can do this through the Galaxy Wearable app that’s installed on your paired smartphone.


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Just received my Galaxy Buds+ today and got that update straight away (I’m in Ireland)
I really like the Buds+ so far, very comfortable to wear.

Landon A
Landon A

The Buds+ are SO much better than the original!! I can shave my face while talking on the phone, and they don’t hear it! Shooting a review in the next few days! 😁


Exactly and it puzzles me that in the reviews write that the sound quality is not so much better than number one which is plain nonsense and + have a sound better on the steamer