Claro will let you pay for Galaxy Store goods using your carrier account

Samsung fans in Colombia will have the option to pay for Galaxy Store goods using their prepaid and postpaid data plans. Colombia’s largest mobile carrier, Claro, is now collaborating with DOCOMO Digital – NTT DOCOMO’s holding company – to put this new payment method in the customer’s hands.

No credit card will be required for Galaxy Store purchases

One of the advantages offered by this new payment method is that Claro customers and Samsung Galaxy fans will not be required to use a credit card for Galaxy Store purchases. They can simply use their Claro balance, and therefore, the service promises a more straightforward experience to both prepaid and postpaid users.

This latest bit of news comes via tech blog The Fast Mode but, as yet, there’s no official word on when Claro and Samsung customers will be able to use this alternative payment method for Galaxy Store purchases. Whatever the case may be, it does sound like a good idea particularly for emerging markets, so it is possible, at least in theory, that Claro won’t be the last carrier to offer this type of service.

Would you like to be able and pay for Galaxy Store goods with using your carrier account and prepaid/postpaid balance in your country? Would you prefer this payment method over the existing ones? Let us know in the comment section below.


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This partnership comes almost 5 years after the same carrier partnered with Microsoft to enable Windows Store to purchase apps using mobile data plans.


Postpaid users already have that option


yo ya lo mire y si se puede pagar por claro postpago