Check out our top 5 holiday apps in our new SamMobile TV episode

Summer is here – at least in the Northern hemisphere – and it’s been quite a hot summer so far. NASA only recently confirmed that we’ve had the hottest June yet, and it appears that July might be on the same track as another heatwave is reportedly heading for Europe. It’s the perfect time for a summer holiday and, to mark the occasion, we’ve prepared a new video for you on SamMobile TV where we list our top 5 holiday apps.

  1. Spotted by Locals – This is a great application for people who want to travel abroad and want to avoid tourist traps. Using this app, tourists can tap into a rich database of tips and tricks posted by locals, offering an overview of the best places of interest, ranging from restaurants to local stores, and more. It covers more than 70 major cities across Europe, the Middle East, and North America.
  2. Google Trips – Google’s travel planner has the ability to tap into your travel reservations from Gmail and deliver activity suggestions and day plans. You can also see your bookings, and fear not, the application functions offline too. There is one caveat attached to Google Trips, namely that it will shut down on August 5 when it will merge with Google Travel. But until then, it still counts as a great travel planner, so we recommend you give it a shot.
  3. CityMaps2Go – As the name suggests, this is primarily a maps application. It offers very detailed city maps, information for popular attractions, and reviews for local businesses. Maps can be downloaded for offline use, but the free version of the app limits this capability to one city map download.
  4. PackPoint – Perhaps one of the worst things about traveling is forgetting to pack something, and this probably happens to all of us more often than not. PackPoint is a free application that helps you easily create a list of items that you’ll need to bring with you. Lists are created based on your destination, the weather at your destination, and the dates of your trip.
  5. Uber – This app needs no introduction, but more of a reminder that transportation in an unfamiliar city is extremely important. Uber usually has lower costs than most taxi services, and it allows you to pay for transportation through various means, including credit cards and PayPal.

You can click each of the links above to grab the applications from the Play Store. Don’t forget to check the video below for a more detailed look at these apps and what they can offer. Feel free to let us know what your summer holiday travel plans might be, and what applications you’ve found most useful in your trips.

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