Amid coronavirus, Samsung empowers business customers free of charge


Last updated: April 7th, 2020 at 14:11 UTC+02:00

As more businesses are being forced by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to keep their employees working from home, Samsung UK decided to offer its Remote Management Solution free of charge for the next six months. The platform allows Samsung’s digital signage customers to manage and monitor their displays remotely.

Samsung Remote Management consists of MagicINFO. It’s essentially a platform that works with a company’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and lets digital signage customers manage hardware and software remotely. With MagicINFO, Samsung’s digital signage clients can update ads and messages without having to send employees on-site.

The platform can detect over 40 hardware errors within a network and offers monitoring capabilities through an intuitive dashboard. It also lets administrators power hardware ON or OFF, control volume, push media including video files and company logos, and update the firmware remotely. Device statistics and diagnosing tools are par for the course. You can get an overview of this powerful tool in the video below.

In this bid to fight against the spread of coronavirus and support its clients, Samsung UK now offers the Remote Management platform free of charge to customers until October 1, 2020.

Samsung Electronics is also empowering clients in the foundry sector

Aside from supporting digital signage businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic, Samsung Electronics is also helping customers in the foundry sector. Last month, Synopsys announced (Design Space Optimization AI) as the industry’s first autonomous artificial intelligence application for chip design. According to Synopsys, is an artificial intelligence and reasoning engine capable of searching for optimization targets in very large solution spaces of chip design. Synopsys is also helping Samsung on its journey to achieve 3nm mobile chip manufacturing. will be used by Samsung to enable its foundry customers to push the limits of their SoC designs. More impressive is the fact that was able to yield results in 3 days, whereas more conventional solutions would require multiple experts to do experimental work for more than a month. Once again, the tool effectively allows businesses to maintain operations without having to put employees at risk.

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