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Samsung Galaxy S9 rumors

Heading into the autumn months, it is slowly time to start looking ahead to things scheduled to happen in 2018. Yes, that's a complicated way of saying 'here's what we expect of the Galaxy S9'. Now, obviously, development of the device is in full swing, so little is known and even less can be confirmed. However, a few tidbits of information are floating around the interwebs. So here is what we know about the device supposedly codenamed 'Star'.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9 specifications

As far as technical details go, we are expecting the Galaxy S9 to come with processors from both Qualcomm and Samsung's own semiconductor branch. US models should come with a Snapdragon 845, and the global S9 will have a SoC based on Samsung's second-generation 10-nanometer process. It is not known yet what number Samsung will slap on their own Exynos chip.

Memory-wise, we're expecting Samsung to continue the path set by the Galaxy Note 8. In other words, we're expecting no less than 6GB of RAM in the Galaxy S9. And though it is not known, we do not expect Samsung to raise the base model's storage above 64GB just yet.

Galaxy S9 design

As Samsung launched the impressive 'Infinity' look of the Galaxy S8, it was clear this is not just a one-off design gimmick. And indeed, the Note 8 is based on the same blueprint. Knowing Samsung, the next generation of devices will not change too much on this front. Therefore, the Galaxy S9 will once again come with the trusted dual-edge display, no home key, and a panel that covers an impressively large part of the phone's front.

Unfortunately, at the moment it does not seem like the fingerprint sensor will make its way to the display. Although Samsung has taken a lot of slack for putting it on the back of the Galaxy S8, we actually still think it is a pretty convenient place. It takes some getting used to though. And as the iris scanner gets faster and better, there will be less need to use it anyway.

Galaxy S9 display

Concerning the display of the Galaxy S9 only one question matters. Will the device bring the long-awaited bump in resolution to a 4K UHD pixel count? This step is needed in order to evolve not only the visual experience of Samsung's flagship phones but the Gear VR ecosystem as well. At this point in time, however, tangible details have yet to emerge.

Galaxy S9 camera

Since the Galaxy Note 8 brought the biggest improvement to Samsung's camera game in two years, the Galaxy S9 will probably rock a comparable dual cam setup. In order to keep up with competition, Samsung might increase aperture, optical zoom or widen the angle of view, but that is just speculation on our part. However, we do expect more details to emerge before this year is over.

Galaxy S9 software

In 2017, the Galaxy S8 was released with the Samsung Experience UX, formerly known as TouchWiz, version 8.1. The Note 8 came out with version 8.5, so it is not hard to spot the pattern. Or at least, it would not be a long shot to expect the Galaxy S9 to be released with SE 9.0. Needless to say, the S9 will ship with Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box, just because this is how Samsung does these things.

As for specific features, there is no doubt the Galaxy S9 will have the same App Pair function seen on the Note 8. With App Pair, you can add shortcuts to the phone's edge display, that bring up not one, but two apps in multi-window mode.

It is, of course, likely Samsung will have more tricks up her sleeve for the Galaxy S9. However, more details will have to come to light in the coming months.

Galaxy S9 battery

The same applies to the Galaxy S9's battery. It will be interesting to see where Samsung takes the mobile battery game. The company has famously burned its fingers on the Note 7 in 2016, opting for a more conservative approach in 2017's flagship devices. Will we see the Galaxy S9 pushing capacity boundaries once again? Or do the Koreans now primarily seek longevity through further optimization of hard- and software? It will be the S9 providing the answer.

Galaxy S9 release

We may bring this Galaxy S9 rumor overview early, but we did not beat the first rumors about the phones' supposed earlier-than-usual release. Thus, a January launch could be in the books, followed by a launch soon after. Needless to say, we remain skeptical about any such rumors, as all Galaxy flagships have been preceded by fierce rumors about an early release.

Looking at actual Galaxy S release dates, however, we expect a launch late-February or early March. With a global release following sometime between mid-March and late-April.

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