Samsung Galaxy A5 (2018)

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Samsung Galaxy A5 (2018) overview

So, here we are: Samsung's fourth-generation Galaxy A5 (2018) is about to be launched. With it, the famous 'Infinity design' of the S8 and Note 8 makes its way to more affordable waters. Here's what we know about the phone.


So yes, the Galaxy A5 (2018) will feature a display that covers nearly the entire front of the device. The good old home key is no more but will make a reappearance on the display.

The fingerprint sensor, found on the A5 since the 2016-generation, has been relocated to the back of the A5 (2018). But fear not. Rumor has it, it is placed below the camera, not next to it. Samsung has listened to complaints about the sensor's placement on the Galaxy S8, it seems.

Needless to say, the Galaxy A5 (2018) will feature a premium build quality. Metal and glass will be made water resistant in much the same way as we saw in last year's model.


The Galaxy A5 (2018)'s display will no doubt be of the AMOLED-variety. It will retain a solid 1080p full-HD resolution, with a few added pixels for the on-screen navigation. Because of the Infinity design, the display will measure a good 5.5 inches across, with a 9:18.5 screen ratio.


So far, leaks have established that the Galaxy A5 (2018) will come with Samsung's own Exynos 7885 soc. It remains unclear whether this is a 10- or 14-nanometer chip, but we do know there is 4GB RAM on board.

Furthermore, we know the soc offers Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility, but we can only guess there probably is 32GB internal storage.


Unfortunately, one A-series features will not change with the Galaxy A5 (2018). At launch, the device will run Android 7.1.1. It will take several months before the phone will finally be updated to Android 8.0 Oreo. Make no mistake: that update will come. But you will have to wait for it, likely until the summer of 2018.

This also means the A5 (2018) will be launched with the Samsung Experience 8.5 interface that we know (and love) from the Galaxy Note 8. This is not a bad thing, though again, this software will be  9 months old by the time Oreo finally arrives.


We are leaving the territory of known Galaxy A5 (2018) specs and features and now venture into the land of guesswork. In other words: nothing much is known about the A5 (2018)'s camera. Early rumors suggested the device might actually come with a dual lens cam, but more recently a single-sensor setup seems more likely.

We have no reasons to assume a radical change in resolution for both rear and front camera, and therefore expect a 16-megapixel resolution in both. It would be a good time for a decent upgrade of sensor quality, though, as the competition has not been sitting still for the past 12 months.


More or less the same argument can be made in the battery department. Though the Galaxy A5 (2017) did really well in terms of battery life, many mid-range phones now offer two-day usage. The new design might offer little room to physically increase battery size, but we have hope the new soc and software optimization could help the A5 (2018) outlast many of its future rivals.

Release and pricing

Traditionally, Samsung launches the new A-series around New Year, that is: late December or early January. This time around, things likely will not differ. If you are looking to buy the Galaxy A5 (2018) as soon as possible, you will have to be patient until late January, possibly early February.

How much you will be paying is, obviously, not yet known. We expect Samsung to follow its current trend of gradually rising prices. For example, in Europe the Galaxy A5 (2018)'s price will probably lie somewhere between € 449,- and € 499,-. In comparison: the Galaxy A5 (2017) was launched costing € 429,-. Other markets will see a similar rise.