Daily Deal: 33% off SanDisk 512GB microSD card

Micro SD cards are used to store files. Most common usages are in smartphones and cameras where they are able to massively expand the internal storage capacities. On smartphones, they are often used to store media like videos, pictures and music. This microSD card by top brand SanDisk offers class 10 for Full HD video recording and playback. You can now get your hand on a massive 512GB card at 33% off.

Go ahead and stock up on them so you’ll have plenty of storage for your favorite content. Hit the Buy Now button below to find out the price for this incredible deal.


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its a great deal, but its disgusting that if you switch .com to for the memory card for uk customers the price changes from $97USD to £118. which is $153 USD, that makes it £25 cheaper to buy it from the US site and have it shipped across the pond for delivery next week !!!

Something is wrong there !!


It’s a, very good card. I’ve been using it.