Daily Deal: 45% off Logitech Driving Force G29 Gaming Racing Wheel

Today’s deal is one for the gamers! Racing games have always been popular, and having a racing wheel and pedals in your gaming setup can improve the experience considerably, especially in simulation titles (like Project Cars or Codemasters’ GRID). Logitech’s Driving Force lineup of racing wheels is one of the biggest names in the segment, and the Driving Force G29 racing wheel can currently be yours for 45% off its regular price. The G29 uses solid steel ball bearings and stainless steel shifter and pedals for higher durability and comes with dual motors for more realistic force feedback. You also get a premium feel thanks to the leather steering.

Hit the Buy Now button to pick up the Driving Force G20 racing wheel before the deal runs out!

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I had this one and gave it back to the store after few hours. I bought it because my Thrustmaster T300 died and I regret that very quick. It’s a toy. Wheel is nice itself, good quality finishing, RPM light – but they only are there, in most of sim racing games you gonna see them when getting close to reving the engine, if short shifting or even 3/4 you’ll change the gear before the first one lights up. Brake pedal is ridiculously hard to press, people are modyfying it on their own, there’s a peace of rubber “simulating” the… Read more »