Daily Deal: 26% off WizGear Magnetic Mount

Car-related deals are usually among the more popular ones that we post here. For example, this deal on a car fast charger has been viewed thousands of times, and today we have a deal for a car mount for your smartphone. Car mounts come in handy if you want to navigate or take calls on your phone while driving, freeing your hands so you can hang on to the steering wheel and keep your attention on the road.

And while most car mounts require you to tinker with a complex mechanism to hold your phone into place, the WizGear Universal Stick On mount has a metal plate that can be attached to the back of your phone; you can then simply drop the phone on the magnetic mount to quickly go hands-free. Also, unlike other magnetic mounts, this one can be placed on the dashboard so your air vents aren’t obstructed.

At 26% off the regular price, this is a good chance to buy a car mount and become a safer driver. So go ahead and grab the WizGear Universal Stick On mount from Amazon by using the Buy Now button below.

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“metal plate that can be attached to the back of your phone”

But you know that this metal plate will broke wireless charging ?