Daily Deal: 26% off AmazonBasics USB-C charging cable

Most of us still use a cable to charge smartphones, and no one wants to be limited by having just one or two cables around the house to charge our phone. If you’re looking for an extra USB-C charging cable for your devices, you can grab one from Amazon right now at 26% off. The cable is from Amazon’s in-house AmazonBasics range of products and supports fast charging, making it perfect for your Galaxy phone or any other Android device that supports fast charging. With the 3A output, it is also great for topping up your power banks quickly.

Use the Buy Now button below to get the AmazonBasics USB-C cable while it’s on sale. You can get it shipped to countries outside the US for a small extra fee.

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you are samsung site and should know that samsung won’t allow you to use third party cables.