Looking back at Samsung’s milestone TV innovations

Samsung has been the world’s number one TV manufacturer for 13 consecutive years now. During that period, the South Korean electronics giant continuously raised the bar for TV makers with breakthrough technologies and innovations. Be it design, color accuracy, or image quality, Samsung TVs spearhead television technology globally.

Samsung’s market leading run began in 2006, when the company unveiled the Bordeaux TV with an LCD display. Inspired by the shape of a wine glass, the Bordeaux laid the foundation for a new era of TV design. A couple of years later, Samsung launched the world’s first edge-lit TV, before introducing LED TVs in 2009. These TVs brought in a whole new level of picture quality.

Soon after, Samsung launched the world’s first 3D LED TV, opening the door to a world of immersive 3D entertainment. That groundbreaking development was followed by the launch of Smart TVs in 2011, enabling internet access on televisions. First curved screen OLED TV in 2013, the first bendable TV in 2014, and the quantum dot TV in 2016 are among other pioneering developments by Samsung.

Samsung’s latest QLED 8K TVs feature an embedded Quantum Processor 8K chip which can upscale content from any source to 8K quality. These TVs take the viewing experience to new heights, fairly highlighting Samsung’s unrivaled hold on world’s number one TV manufacturer title.

But Samsung too had a humble beginning. The company launched its first monochrome TV nearly five decades ago, all the way back in 1970. Since then, it has had many firsts in the evolution of television technology, such as the first quick start TV in 1973, first Bio TV in 1993, and the first flat screen TV in 1998. Below is an infographic highlighting how Samsung TVs have progressed over the years.

Infographic: Evolution of Samsung TVs

Evolution of Samsung TVs


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“first bendable TV in 2014”

But we can’t but it.

“Bio TV”

What this mean ?

“A must-have for all luxury homes,”

What if my home isn’t luxury ?


Excellent article. TV technology has really been revolutionised by Samsung, though we shouldn’t forget LG. They’ve come up with some great tech too.