[Update: Fixed] Galaxy Wearable app issue won’t let users sign into their accounts

The Galaxy Wearable app is the one-stop solution for setting up your Samsung wearable device, updating its software, purchasing apps for it, and more. So you can imagine the inconvenience it would cause if the app were to not function as it’s supposed to.

Many users have been complaining about issues with the Galaxy Wearable app for over a week now. The issue is preventing people from signing into their Samsung Accounts and thus not allowing them to set up new wearable devices unless they do it without logging in.

Galaxy Wearable app issue affects non-Samsung devices only

Users complain that when they attempt to sign into their Samsung Account through the app, it shows only a white screen with no options to proceed further. This means that a new wearable device can’t be set up if users want it linked to their Samsung Account. This also makes it difficult to backup or restore watchefacess, download apps, and more.

Samsung Gear and Galaxy Watch owners have both complained about this issue on Twitter and Reddit in addition to Samsung’s official forums. Only non-Samsung devices appear to be affected by this. Anyone using the Galaxy Wearable app on a Samsung smartphone isn’t going to face the issue.

The earliest reports about this issue on Samsung’s official forums is from last Thursday. It has already been too long as the fix should have come out sooner. Samsung has now confirmed that it is indeed working on a fix for this issue. Hopefully, the company will roll it out sooner rather than later. We’ll update you when that happens.

Update: Samsung has now fixed the issue.

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