Samsung has sold over 2 billion Galaxy smartphones in under ten years

The Galaxy S10 is Samsung’s 10th anniversary flagship. The Korean giant has been making some pretty great smartphones over the past decade. Despite challenges, it remains the top smartphone vendor in the globe. The company has sold a staggering amount of smartphones over the past decade.

Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh revealed during the company’s Unpacked event today that Samsung has sold more than 2 billion Galaxy smartphones since 2010. That’s without a doubt an incredible achievement.

It’s pertinent to mention here that Koh didn’t elaborate which product lines are included in that figure. One can safely assume that the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lineups are included. Samsung also sends a plethora of devices under the Galaxy A, Galaxy C, Galaxy J and other brands some of which tend to perform better than others.

That being said, this is without a doubt an incredible achievement for Samsung. The company took time to highlight it at the event where it’s showing off a glimpse of what it intends to do in the coming decade. One can say that it has hit the ground running with the Galaxy Fold, Samsung’s first and much-awaited foldable smartphone. It certainly makes Samsung fans very excited to see what the company has to deliver in the future.


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