Samsung to open three retail stores in the US on February 20

People in the US can now actually purchase something from a Samsung store. Alongside the Galaxy S10 lineup, the US is also getting its first bonafide Samsung retail stores on February 20. As of now, the country only has mini-stores inside many Best Buy locations.

There are also a few Samsung Experience stores, but they are mainly for showcasing the latest products. The Samsung 837 in New York City, for instance, will allow you to try your hands on the Galaxy S10 right after the official announcement on February 20. The Experience store, however, doesn’t let you buy one.

This is just the beginning

Samsung is opening three retail stores in the US on February 20. The new stores are located in California, New York, and Texas. Along with being able to buy the latest Samsung smartphones, customers can also get hands-on demos and walk-in repairs in these stores. Customers will also be able to get technical support on any Samsung products they own.

The stores will also sell tablets, smartwatches, TVs, and smart home devices from Samsung. There will be a 4K gaming lounge and a 4D VR. Samsung says these new stores are “just the beginning,” so one can expect the company to launch more retail stores in the US in the coming months. Samsung, reportedly, will also be opening temporary pop-up stores in various locations across the US sometime in March. Doing so will certainly give Samsung’s phones more visibility in the country.

The specific locations of the new Samsung retail stores are as follows:

  • The Americana at Brand in Los Angeles, California
  • Roosevelt Field on Long Island in Garden City, New York
  • The Galleria in Houston, Texas


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To those shocked that Samsung doesn’t have any standalone stores in the US, please note that Samsung has partnered with other retailers (e.g., Best Buy and Home Depot) and carriers (where most Americans buy their mobile phones) for years to have a store-within-a-store where there is still a dedicated Samsung area with “experts” to promote Samsung products.


Can’t belive that in USA there’e wasn’t any Samsung Store.


I’m surprised that there are no Samsung Stores in the US up to now . In Istanbul alone there are about 25 Samsung Stores, including some Samsung Experience Stores plus at least 10 Samsung Service Centres. I was imagining there would be even more of them in the USA. Possibly people prefer to go to carriers and third party sellers over there.


In Poland we have 22 Samsung Stores. In some cities there are 2 stores.