Samsung’s new Celeb Alarm app could wake you up with celebrity voices

“I will look for you, I will find you and I will wake you up.” That’s the line you may be waking up to on your Galaxy phone in the future if Samsung’s newest trademark for a mobile app is anything to go by. Samsung has been granted a trademark approval by the European patent office for an app called Celeb Alarm.

The name pretty much gives away what the app is about, and so does its description in the patent filing. Samsung describes the app as “software for use in providing alarm services with voices of entertainers”, but it remains to be seen if it would be a separate app downloadable from the Play Store and an additional alert sound option in the stock clock app on Galaxy smartphones.

Perhaps it could be built into the Galaxy Home as well. After all, with the kind of premium pricing we’re expecting from Samsung’s first Bixby-enabled smart speaker, it wouldn’t go amiss if we can choose to wake up to Liam Neeson’s calm yet threatening voice from the movie Taken or The Rock asking us if we can smell what he’s cooking (it’s pancakes, if you’re still wondering after all these years).

What do you think? Would you like an alarm clock that can wake you up with voices of various celebrities after a good night’s sleep?

samsung celeb alarm trademark

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