SK Telecom launches RCS messaging for Samsung flagships

Leading South Korean wireless carrier SK Telecom Co. has launched a next-generation communication service for latest Samsung Galaxy flagships. Called Rich Communication Services (RCS), the feature will be first available on the Galaxy S9 and S9+. More Galaxy devices, and other Android smartphones will get the feature in the future.

RCS will replace text messaging on Android smartphones

RCS is the next generation of text messaging set to replace cellular connection-based SMS (short message service). It is based on technical standards set by GSMA, a global association of telecom operators. Users of RCS can share photos, videos, music and documents of sizes up to 5MB without consuming data. Large-sized files up to 100MB can also be shared in a chat. In this case, however, the corresponding amount of mobile data will be used. SK Telecom will be running a promotional event until June 2019, allowing free transfer of 5MB to 100MB files.

There’s no need to install a separate app or sign up to use RCS. But like a mobile messenger app, RCS users can participate in a group chat and read recipients. SK Telecom will be adding the ability to send mobile gift coupons and transfer a small amount of money through RCS in the future.

“When all three mobile carriers in Korea jointly offer the service, there will be 50 million mobile subscribers using it,” SK Telecom CEO Park Jung-ho said during the CES earlier this month.

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I’ll always just use WhatsApp. Everyone I know has it and uses it.