Samsung Pay Favorite Cards open automatically near an NFC terminal

The Samsung Pay mobile payments service was launched a few years ago. It allows users with compatible Samsung smartphones to make payments on the go. What makes the service unique is that in addition to NFC, it has support for MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) technology. This allows users to make mobile payments even at merchants that don’t have special NFC terminals. MST lets them accept Samsung Pay using nothing more than a conventional card machine.

The most recent version of the Samsung Pay app brings a useful little tweak for where users are near an NFC terminal. It will automatically pull up their Favorite Cards if their phone is awake near an NFC payment terminal.

Samsung Pay Favorite Cards makes accessing frequently used cards easier

Users can add credit and debit cards from supported banks and financial institutions to Samsung Pay. The app allows them to make some of those cards as favorites. This makes it easier for them to access the cards that they use most frequently for purchases. There’s no need to scroll through the entire list of added cards just to get to a particular one.

With the latest version of Samsung Pay, when the device is awake near an NFC payment terminal, the Favorite Cards will open automatically. Users can just tap to select the one they’d like to use and can proceed to make the payment. It shaves some time off the entire process which is a good thing.

This feature is present in the latest version of the Samsung Pay app.


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I like Samsung pay I just wish they would give the UK the option of adding PayPal within it as that’s available in the US but not the UK.


If only Samsung put MST in more of its phones. Only one 2018 midranger, A8+, has MST. How unfortunate that they didn’t put MST in a phone as good as the A9 (2018)!

Abhijeet M.
Abhijeet M.

Samsung Pay and MST seems to have become a costly feature for them, and with them wanting to push back against the Chinese competition, it’s unlikely Samsung will keep Samsung Pay around on mid-range phones.