Samsung and NEC announce partnership to work together on 5G

Samsung has been inking partnerships to advance the 5G cause. It has today announced a new partnership agreement with Japan’s NEC. The two companies will work together to expand their next generation business portfolio of which 5G is a major part. This will be done by combining NEC’s IT solutions expertise with Samsung’s 5G technology.

The partnership will also provide carriers with flexible 5G solutions which are localized for each region. The customized services will be able to meet carries’ demands more efficiently.

Combining their expertise in IT solutions and 5G

Mobile carriers will certainly be demanding customized services as 5G will enable new services and business models. NEC and Samsung will satisfy those demands through this new partnership as they will join the best forces and capabilities from each company.

“As 5G commercialization is just around the corner, we are confident that the partnership with Samsung will continue to solidify our stance as a 5G leader,” said Atsuo Kawamura, the EVP of NEC’s Network Services Business.

Samsung also recently announced a partnership with Qualcomm for 5G. The two companies will work on 5G small cell development which will allow for “massive 5G network speed, capacity, coverage, and ultra-low latency.”

The Korean company is heavily invested in the future of 5G. It has already showcased network equipment that’s going to power commercial 5G networks. It’s also gearing up to launch mobile router-based 5G service in South Korea with a local carrier partner before the end of this year.


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