Samsung reveals it’s developing a foldable display laptop

A foldable display laptop is being developed by Samsung. The company confirmed this yesterday during the launch event for the Samsung Notebook Flash. Clearly, the company’s vision for foldable displays goes beyond mobile devices. It already has a foldable smartphone in the pipeline which will be revealed next month.

Lee Min-cheol, Samsung’s vice president of marketing for PCs, said yesterday that the company is developing this new form factor for laptops. This is part of Samsung’s efforts to innovate PC products in line with the changing market dynamics for mobile devices.

Samsung’s foldable display laptop

“Like foldable smartphones, Samsung is collaborating with display makers to develop laptops with foldable displays that will not just simply fold in and out but create new value and user experience, amid the changing market trends for laptops,” he said at the event.

He added that Samsung is currently developing large AMOLED displays for laptops. The idea here is to create new user experiences and a laptop with a foldable display will do just that. Lee Min-cheol didn’t say when we can expect such a product to arrive.

Customers want their notebooks to be powerful without compromising portability. The entire premise of this form factor is that you can work on the go. A foldable display notebook could take this to the next level. You can fold the display for a smaller footprint for work on the go. It can later be folded out for a larger display when you want to watch a movie, for example.

This may also allow for additional use cases related to multitasking. Samsung isn’t the only company thinking about foldable smartphones for devices other than smartphones. Lenovo is reportedly working on a 13 inch tablet with a foldable screen as well. No surprise that Samsung’s confirmation of looking into this form factor comes after reports surfaced of Lenovo’s work with LG Display.

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