Samsung starts mass-producing the industry’s first 512GB embedded storage solution

Samsung has announced that it has started mass-producing the industry’s first 512GB embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) solution for use in next-generation mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and even wearables.

The firm has used some chip-making witchcraft to pack eight 64-layer 512GB V-NAND chips and a controller into a eUFS case that’s the same size as the one used to house its former flagship 48-layer-V-NAND-based 256GB eUFS.

The 512GB eUFS lets you store approximately 130 10-minute 4K UHD video clips, which is a tenfold increase compared to a 64GB eUFS, according to The Korea Herald—and as we’re sure you’d agree, that’s a significant increase.

“The 512GB eUFS provides the best embedded storage solution for next-generation smartphones, said Han Jae-soo, Executive VP of Memory Sales at Samsung, adding that it overcomes the performance limitations that can occur with microSD cards.

Samsung won’t scrap its 256GB V-NAND eUFS chips

Samsung will steadily increase the production volume of its 512GB V-NAND eUFS chips, while expanding production of its 256GB V-NAND eUFS modules to meet the increasing demand for advanced mobile storage, it’s believed.


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