Galaxy S8 owners reporting frustrating camera focus bug

A number of Galaxy S8 owners have taken to Samsung’s Community Forum to report a frustrating issue that’s preventing their handset from automatically focusing when taking pictures using the default Camera application and third-party offerings, like Snapchat.

With autofocus out of play, one would think that you’d be able to use manual focus—but you can’t. No matter what mode you’re shooting in, the device consistently churns out blurry images—and that isn’t what you’d expect from $700+ smartphone.

Here’s the good news: Samsung has issued a statement on the matter, outlining a few things you can do to rectify the bug (listed below). If they don’t work, however, you can send your unit in for repair under the terms of the firm’s one-year warranty.

  • Ensure your handset’s operating system and all of your applications are up-to-date.
  • Gently tap the back of your unit to lodge any loose components back into place.
  • Clear all application caches and data.
  • Perform a full factory reset.

Hardware- or software-related?

We’ve contacted Samsung for some additional information and to ultimately find out whether the glitch is hardware- or software-related. We’ll update this post if/when we hear back. In the meantime, let us know whether you’re experiencing the issue.

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